Show Jonathan Papelbon’s Old Glove Some Love

Facts are facts, people. In the current economic climate, which can only be accurately described as “interesting”, there is no greater commodity to own than baseball memorabilia. Not canned goods, not “dollar bills”, not even gold. Which is why you should all immediately sign onto eBay and bid on Jonathan Papelbon’s rookie year glove. Sure, it’s going to cost a bit of change - current bid is $4,500 - but what else are you going to spend that money on? Food?

Papelbon's Glove

The auction, coming to us from THE BOSTON HERALD, is being run by some company named PMI, who run a number of memorabilia sales for other MLB players. On the auction, PMI makes it a special point to make sure everyone knows Papelbon only used two gloves during his rookie year, and this is one of them! Why are you still hear reading this and not bidding!?!?! The auction ends tomorrow!

From EBAY:

A MUST have for any collector out there, one of a kind item (the only rookie glove out there with his name stitched on it) from a huge star in baseball today. You will never see this glove again! A HUGE COLLECTOR’S ITEM!!

Papelbon only used 2 Gloves during is Rookie Season and PMI received both of them!! That’s Right, One of a Kind!

Wait, what? Wouldn’t that be “Two of a Kind”?

In any case, the current bid stands at - let’s just check it here - $4,500? Wait, does that mean no one’s bid? Even though it says that there have been 6 offers? This eBay nonsense makes no sense to us, so why not just click on the “Buy It Now” button, talk the seller out of that $50 shipping charge - they should be happy you’re paying the $4,500 in the first place - wait a few days for the glove to arrive, set it on your mantle, and watch the world economy burn while basking in the safe glow from your newly-purchased golden-glove parachute.