Should Media Make a Big Flap Over Phelps Photo?

• Have corporate sponsors successfully smokescreened the media over Michael Phelps’ marijuana mess?

michael phelps bong

Jim Fassel finally finds himself a football coaching job - if you count the UFL as a stable employer.

• Golfers & wait staff, beware! Tiger Woods is back & “better than ever“!

• Wonder where some of your taxpayer money is going? How about toward Santonio Holmes’ new $85,000 Cadillac Escalade?

• Speaking of the Steelers receiver, did he really get both feet down?

• Meanwhile, one Pittsburgh fan celebrates his team’s Super Bowl win by committing a little armed robbery.

Clinton Portis doesn’t like the Pro Bowl moving from Hawaii to Miami - it’s too dangerous for the players and the public.

• A Santa Barbara man gets caught doing some auto-stimulation in his auto parked outside a college softball field.

• And the winner of today’s Roy Williams roof-raising caption contest is…

Roy Williams hands up

Cane in Delaware, who hands us a double-dose of delightful hilarity: “It’s fun to play in the Y-M-C-A, Y-M-C-A……,” and, “Who let Plaxico in here? That’s the last time we schedule Michigan State!”

Thanks for playing - a lot of great entries today. New contest tomorrow!