Should Jeter Get Statue At New Yankee Stadium?

Mark Herrmann of NEWSDAY has knelt in front of his Derek Jeter shrine, completed the Sign of the Yankee (drawing a cursive ‘N’ and ‘Y’ over his heart), and then chanted 10 “Derek Jeter MVP”s before settling in front of his computer to lay this big wet one on the Blessed Derek of Kalamazoo: the Yankees should build a statue to Jeter in front of the new Yankees ballpark. No, not someday. Right now.

Derek Jeter Superstar

Does Mr. Herrmann not realize that the Yankees already have a statue of Jeter at the old Stadium? They roll it into place between second base and third base at the start of each defensive inning for the home team, shove a glove onto its marbled hand, and then attach a sign to its chest, simply stating: “Blame A-Rod if I miss one.”

What’s the hurry to deify Jeter? Curry favor with the Pinstriped Savior while he’s still vital? The Vatican takes a little time when they canonize a saint. Even the Post Office shows a bit of discretion with their honors. There will be plenty of time to lift Jeter up and wear his cologne and take his body in the form of slavishly mimicking his offseason workouts.

Until then, get up off your knees and act with some composure. The world has plenty of zealots; we need more newspapermen.

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