Shotput Beer Takedown Recounted By Eyewitness

We all remember Kayte Taylor, the Santa Rosa, California, woman who prevented a thief from stealing her wallet by shotputting a case of Miller Lite at the man, knocking him off of his getaway bike. Now an eyewitness has come forward, relating to SPORTSbyBROOKS never-before-heard details of the harrowing incident.

Beer Slogan

Bonnie Davis, a co-worker and friend of Taylor’s, was with her and two other friends on Saturday when they made a stop at a local market on their way to work. Taylor and one other girl went into the store, while Davis and the other friend, Julia, waited in the car. Here’s Davis’ description of what happened next:

“It was kind of a crazy experience. Julia and I waited in the car while Kayte and the other girl went in and I saw the guy run out. We kind of laughed thinking he had robbed the store; I thought he was sooo dumb because they have cameras everywhere in there.

“Then Kayte ran out the door, and I knew she didn’t rob the store and I didn’t think she was so stupid she would try to stop a robber. But then she leaned back with the 12-pack and launched it at him.”

The missile — a 12-pack of Miller Lite bottles — hit the man in the legs as he was trying to get on his bike. That’s when Bonnie and Julia entered the fray, and all four women pounced on the man.

“So Julia and I got out of the car and ran up on him. Kayte had him on the ground and we all kind of piled on, but then I noticed I didn’t have my phone and I couldn’t call 911. So I ran back to the car and grabbed my phone and dialed 911 (it was busy twice), then just dialed the local police and got through. To be honest, I don’t know how we got that wallet back. I think he dropped it when he fell after he got hit by the beer. Julia picked it up.

“That guy was so funny; he came back for his bike two times, and on the second time he picked up Kayte’s broken sunglasses for some reason and walked off with them. I just wish they had cameras outside the store, it would have been awesome to watch that over and over!”

And I’m sorry to report, guys, that this was not our finest hour.

“There were about seven to 10 guys watching who did nothing! One guy helped for about a second while I was talking to the police (on the phone). The mugger came back and tried to take his bike from me and this blond guy helped me keep it away.

Also, the owner of the market, who saw the whole thing, according to Bonnie, actually came out and got mad — at the women.

“The store owner came out and was yelling at us for the broken beer bottles (several broke after hitting the thief). He saw exactly what happened. Even if he didn’t he could easily hear Kayte yelling at the mugger, ‘You’re not getting my wallet!’ He was a total jerk and didn’t even want to give a statement to police.”

*UPDATE*: I just received the photo below from Kayte Taylor, who pasted a photo of her face over the one I had used before. She was even nice enough to autograph it. Thank you, Kayte, for proving that justice sometimes comes in frost-brewed bottles.

Kayte Taylor autograph