Shooting Victim Says Harrison Hired The Gunman

All right Captain Renault, time to round up the usual suspects. Dwight Dixon is the rather large man on the right, below, who sued former Indianapolis Colts receiver Marvin Harrison, saying that Harrison shot him during an altercation in Philadelphia last year. Now Dixon is in critical condition after being shot seven times on Tuesday, and has said, just before slipping into a coma, that Harrison hired the shooter. How does he know that? It’s unclear. But that’s quite a charge.

Marvin Harrison, Dwight Dixon

And so we have another chapter in this strange saga that began in January of 2008, when Dixon and Harrison argued outside of Harrison’s bar, Playmakers, in North Philadelphia. Then in April of that year, Dixon was wounded in the hand outside a garage owned by Harrison at 25th and Thompson Streets, which is about a mile from the bar. Harrison was not charged, even though the bullets were found to be from his gun.

And that’s because there were “nine or so different accounts” of the shooting from eyewitnesses, including at least two from Dixon, who was convicted of filing a false police report and received six months probation. Police have not yet talked to Harrison concerning the latest shooting.

How Dixon is sure that Harrison hired the gunman is anyone’s guess.

Tuesday’s shooting occurred just two blocks away from Playmakers, a club Harrison owns. Harrison’s agent, Tom Condon, could not be reached for comment Thursday night.

Dixon and Harrison argued at Playmakers a few weeks before April 29, 2008, the night Dixon claimed that the former Indianapolis Colt star shot him in the left hand near a garage Harrison owns on Thompson Street near 25th.

Another man, Robert Nixon, told police he witnessed the shooting and claimed he was shot in the back by Harrison as he tried to run away.

Dixon, 33, is listed in critical condition at Hahnemann University Hospital, where police have as of yet been unable to interview him. He is pursuing a civil case against Harrison from the 2008 shooting, and was convicted in 1998 on drug-possession charges.

Hmm, just maybe Harrison was retaliating for Dixon putting out a hit on him. I have a feeling we’re never going to know exactly what the heck is going on here.