Shocking Restroom Violence At Red River Rivalry

It doesn’t take long before this disagreement between a Texas fan and an Oklahoma fan on Saturday in line for the women’s restroom erupts into senseless violence, complete with hair pulling and comical slap fighting. I’ve always said it: The Red River Rivalry always gets the most heated in the loo.

Warning: Language in the videos following the jump is extremely NSFW, unless you work in a New Orleans brothel.

Key quote in video No. 1: “Fatties up front!” Then, in video No. 2, all hell breaks loose, as a hapless male bystander tries to restore order. More unrestrained mayhem here than anything that occurred in the game; I’d rather poke Bevo with a sharp stick than get between these girls.

Videos following the jump.

In the third video, a guy who appears to be holding a clarinet dubs the incident “Texas-OU Fight For the Pee.”

And so it shall it be forever remembered.