Shocking Charges Of Bra-Ripping Mar LFL Opener

If you read our post on Tuesday on the Lingerie Football League opener in Chicago, or better yet if you attended, you know that at least one player was tackled by her panties and, at least for a moment, lay pantsless on the playing field. But it turns out that was apparently only the tip of the iceberg.

According to one player on the losing team, the Miami Caliente, members of the Chicago Bliss were routinely using dirty tactics, including elbow gouging and bra ripping. (Gasp) I don’t have any actual photos of the latter (at least none I’ll share), but she swears it’s true. Chicago chicks play dirty.

From IN GAME NOW, via your most trusted source for LFL coverage, BUSTED COVERAGE, come these shocking quotes from Miami player Michelle Stevens.

Highlighted excerpt:

“I must have watched the game at least 6 times over at this point and every time I watched it I caught another kick, punch, or elbow thrown that I missed the time before. I think it would be very unfair for me to single out one player as the “dirtiest”. Although, what I can say, at least in my opinion, was the “dirtiest” play of the game was when our QB, Anonka Dixon, had her bra top ripped off. Three girls from Chicago jumped on her after the play was already over and shredded her top to pieces. There she sat, topless on the field, and for no other reason than she is an unbelievable player and a huge threat to Chicago’s defense…they wanted to take her out of the game.”

Of course we all remember this, which seems to be happening to a Chicago player, by the way:

(Personal foul, 15 yards, loss of pants)

So there’s probably plenty of blame to go around.