Shula Takes Swipe At Parcells During Interview

The SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL transcribes part of a recent radio interview by Evan Cohen of Don Shula on West Palm’s ESPN 760am about the current state of the Dolphins (which reminds us, we need to book a night at Shula’s *resort* before we move back to L.A. … in-room coffeemakers!).

Don Shula

(No superior room with ocean view for Parcells?)

And in a stunning development, Shula backhanded Parcells while talking about the impact he would have on the franchise.

Shula on Parcells: “You look at his track record, he’s been to a lot of places, and he’s turned it around in most every place that he’s been. The question is, why did he leave some of the places that he’s been? But I think he’s been a good turnaround guy.


Cohen: Has Parcells contacted you about running the Dolphins organization?

Shula: No, I haven’t talked to him.

Cohen: Do you want to (talk to him)?

Shula: It’s not up to me.

Cohen: But it is kind of your team, even though Wayne Huizenga owns the team?

Shula: Listen, I don’t want to take any credit for what’s happened … since I left.

How warm and fuzzy.

I’m not saying Shula would necessarily help turn anything around with the franchise now, but it is worth noting that Jimmy Johnson and Nick Saban pretty much ignored the coaching legend during their failed Dolphins tenures. And Parcells is now doing the same.

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