Shock and Sparks Give Us Our First WNBA Brawl

On Saturday, Milka Duno threw her towel at Danica Patrick for yelling at her after a time trial for the Honda Indy 200, and we all called the minor flare up between the two female athletes a “cat fight.” But what happened last night in Detroit - the bench-clearing WNBA brawl featuring Candace Parker and Plenette Pierson - can simply be described as a “fight”. Or “heaven”, for those of you who have GIRLFIGHTS.COM as your homepage.

WNBA Fight 1

In the closing seconds of the 4th quarter, Parker and Pierson got tangled up, causing the former Tennessee Lady Vol to fall to the floor. While Candace was trying to get up, Pierson intentionally ran into her. Then as the kids would say, “it was on.” A melee ensued, with benches clearing, arms flailing, legs kicking and surely lots of really bad name calling. Former NBA bad boys Bill Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn even got involved. Three players and Mahorn, who threw Lisa Leslie halfway across the floor in an attempt to play peacemaker, were ejected.

You may recall that Mahorn was also involved in the Ron Artest incident in that very same building in 2004 as a broadcaster for the Pistons. If a fight breaks out in Detroit, Rick will be there.

Video courtesy of AWFUL ANNOUNCING after the jump.

AA provides us with eight things to look out for in this video, including:

1. Everybody’s All-American, Candace Parker getting tangled up with a Detroit Shock player Plenette Pierson.

2. Parker taking down said player with a Cobra Kai like leg sweep.


7. Shock player, Cheryl Ford blowing out her knee as she attempts to restrain Pierson.

8. All of the Pam Ward replay goodness.

Rick Mahorn WNBA Fight

The WNBA is one step closer to catching their male counterparts. First, they proved that they can dunk - and by “they”, I mean only two players (Parker & Leslie) that can successfully place the rock through the rim on a fast break. Now, they proved that they can also throw down & get physical. Soon, they’ll be fathering (mothering?) countless bastard children in major cities across America.

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