Shock: MLB Ballpark Video Crews Are Perverts?

The DETROIT NEWS reports today that in a sex harassment suit filed against the MLB Tigers, a female former employee said the Comerica Park video crew “routinely shot inappropriate ’soft core videos’ of female fans at baseball games.

Ballpark Boobs

The woman, Reanen Maxwell, also said that “softcore videos” were “freely and openly shown in the scoreboard area to all employees and supervisors on almost a regular basis,” and were stored in a room behind the scoreboard.”

“Softcore” videos? Was there something going on at Comerica Park none of us was aware of?

Well, apparently softcore is the description Ms. Maxwell used to describe downblouse and upskirt video shots damn. We also wonder if this means the Cinemax is now closing in on a MLB rights deal.

Of course, all Tigers employees who were on the scene at the time of Maxwell’s complaints deny any knowledge of such videos. The man in charge of the ballpark video operation, Scott Fearncombe, said “Up-skirt shots would have been technically difficult from the dugout-level cameras … because of the way people are sitting and the angle of the cameras.

Right, uh-huh.

The accusation is part of a larger, garden variety sex harassment suit slapped on the club by Maxwell.

Depending on how attractive she is, we could see this story having legs. ESPECIALLY if any of the videos come to light (Hello Bill O’Reilly!).