Sheldon Brown Is Not A Fan Of Drew Rosenhaus

The NFL season kicks off in New York tonight, but even though the games count, it’s not officially the NFL season until Drew Rosenhaus does something to piss somebody off. Thankfully we have Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Sheldon Brown, who isn’t a very big fan of Drew’s, and has no problem letting the world know about it.

Sheldon didn’t take to kindly to the video Rosenhaus put up on YouTube recently detailing the status of his new client Lito Sheppard’s attempts to get a new contract from the Eagles. He not only feels that Drew insulted him in the video, but he thinks that by hiring Rosenhaus, Sheppard just might kill his career.


“I think sometimes agents can ruin players’ careers,” Brown said. “And what I mean by that is we have an agent who has four players who are disappointed with the way their deal is, and we’re going into Week 1, and nobody has accomplished anything with those players.”

“If you know the guy’s track record and what he brings to the table, it’s more of a disappointing thing for me that [Rosenhaus] enticed [Sheppard] to sign with him thinking he could get a deal done,” Brown said. “Agents don’t get a deal done. The player gets the deal done. Yeah, he put [Sheppard] in a tough spot, but at the end of the day, that’s something he has to deal with.”

Sheldon also felt insulted by Rosenhaus when Drew complained that Lito would be third on the Eagles depth chart behind both Asante Samuel and Brown.

“Obviously, I have enough sense to know that Drew hasn’t been with Sheldon Brown for seven years, and I think he has been with Lito for two months, so he hasn’t followed my career and he has no film,” Brown said. “He probably couldn’t even tell you what number I am, so it’s completely irrelevant.”

Now obviously, there are still going to be some sore feelings about Rosenhaus in the Eagles locker room, because the last time he played a large role in Philadelphia was when he was steering the entire Terrell Owens debacle a few years ago. So this isn’t the first time that Rosenhaus has disrupted an Eagles season.

To make matters worse, Sheppard just signed a 5-year $25 million deal with the Eagles back in 2006, and now he already wants a new contract. At least, that’s what Rosenhaus will tell you. What won’t Drew tell you? Well since Rosenhaus didn’t represent Sheppard at the time, he doesn’t see a single dollar from that deal. If he can somehow talk the Eagles into giving him a new contract, though, he will get paid for it.

So, as you can see, Drew is very concerned about Lito and his financial security in this situation.