Old Shea Seats Can Be Yours For Only $869, Dude

What better way to remember one of the least-beloved stadiums in baseball history than by purchasing two uncomfortable plastic seats? Now you can! The New York Mets are selling pairs of seats being removed from Shea Stadium at the end of the season for the low, low price of just $869.

Shea Stadium

NEWSDAY reports that team officials set the price where it’s at to remind fans of their World Series seasons of 1969 and 1986. This bit of numerological play is cute, even if it means apparently setting the price two to three times higher than experts had predicted they would go for.

To get a sense of how ridiculous these prices are, take a look at some of the items for sale online: Two seats from Jack Murphy Stadium for $400. A pair of seats from Mile High Stadium for $525. Heck, you could get a seat of three seats from the original Boston Garden for $550!

Yes, the proceeds are going to charity (the majority going into New York City’s general fund), but this still feels like a rip-off to me. Honestly, they should be selling something that would more closely remind fans who saw a game at Shea Stadium of the experience. A vomit-stained toilet comes to mind. Or perhaps a game-used vial of crack cocaine from Darryl Strawberry.

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