She Helps Kids, Gets Fake Boobs With Stolen Loot

I can’t count the number of times I’ve harped about situations exactly like this: If you’re going to embezzle more than $200,000 from the small company you work for in order to fund a traveling youth basketball team, then why oh why do you also use the stolen funds to get a boob job? You’re just calling attention to yourself.

Tamarom In

Here’s Tamarom In, 36, of Gilbert Arizona, who was a bookkeeper for an air conditioning equipment company in Tempe. On Wednesday she was booked in Tempe City Jail on charges of theft by embezzlement, fraudulent schemes and money laundering. All are second-degree felonies. On the plus side: She really fills out that red sweater.

Police say that In paid to enhance her breasts and funded a non-profit traveling basketball team for kids with the more than $228,000 she embezzled from her employer, Home Care Services.

She is accused of stealing the money over the course of about 20 months said Sgt. Steve Carbajal, a Tempe Police spokesman. The investigation took about a year and sometime during that she was fired from her job, he said.

She was the only employee handling the books, and applied for a credit card in the name of her employer. She then forged checks to herself and altered the company records to cover up the theft, Carbajal said.

She founded the Arizona Warriors basketball team, a traveling basketball team for children, to funnel the money through, he said, leading to the money laundering charge.

Judging from the uniforms here, it looks like the majority of the money went to the boob job. Considering the nature of the crime, I think the mug shot above should have been shot about 10 inches lower.

OK, let he who has not embezzled for the sake of larger breasts cast the first stone.