Shawn Kemp Will Not Be Overpopulating Europe

Hurricane Ike caused a lot of damage when it struck on the Gulf coast, costing many people their homes, and for some, even their livelihoods. Still, I don’t think any of us knew the real extent of the damage done by Hurricane Ike until right now.

Former NBA star and three-time Father of the Year Shawn Kemp had recently made plans to return to basketball, and signed a one-year contract with Montegranaro Premiata, a team in Italy. Kemp had been practicing with the team for nine days, and had played in three preseason games before heading back to the States to check on his home in Houston. Now, after seeing the damage, there’s just no way Shawn can return to Italy to play this season.


“I am very sorry for my inability to return to the club in a timely manner due to personal issues,” Kemp wrote in a letter posted on the team’s Web site Saturday. “I’m very sorry that these unforeseen circumstances have resulted in the club’s understandable decision.”

Later in the letter, Kemp went on to thank all his fans for showing their concerns for his children. He wanted them all to know that 16 of them are fine, but that the other 34 are still missing.

Don’t worry, Shawn. I’m sure they’ll turn up.

Hey, look - we found one already.