Shawn Chacon In Gambling/Bowling-Related Arrest

When last we left pitcher Shawn Chacon, he had “accidentally” choked Houston Astros general manager Ed Wade, and threw him to the ground. As would happen to you or me, that got him released and banished to the Newark Bears, where he played until signing a Single-A contract with the Oakland A’s on June 18.

Shawn Chacon

Well now, more fun! Chacon was arrested on Monday night at a bowling alley in Colorado in connection with $50,000 in unpaid gambling debts in Las Vegas. Let those who have never been arrested in a bowling alley for Vegas gambling debts throw the first stone.


Chacon faces a felony charge in connection with three bad checks written for $50,000 to Caesars Palace in March. The Sun obtained a copy of a criminal complaint last week.

Greeley police spokesman Sgt. Joe Tymkowych said the Clark County District Attorney’s office was seeking about $165,000 bail on the charge.

Chacon, who attended high school in Greeley, played for the Colorado Rockies, and he was an All-Star in 2003. He also played for the New York Yankees and Pittsburgh Pirates.

From All-Star to being arrested in a bowling alley as a Single-A player in just six years. Amazing.

When Chacon joined the Bears this past May, it led to this post on the Atlantic Baseball League’s web site, which is one of the most awesome paragraphs ever written in sports journalism history, in my opinion:

Just to confirm a few things: Tim Raines, Jr. has in fact left the team and is headed to Taiwan. Pete Rose, Jr. has left the club to “spend more time with his family.” Shawn Chacon is likely to join the team shortly if he hasn’t already. A few other players, Armando Benitez and Jose Herrera among them, are awaiting their visa’s to be approved and will also be joining the Bears once that happens…

Will update with Chacon news as it happens.