Shaunie Nelson Try To Salvage Marriage With Shaquille ONeal

IF MARK MCGRATH REPORTS IT, THEN YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE: The TV Show EXTRA reports on its website today that Shaunie Nelson is trying to salvage her marriage to Shaq.

Shaquille Shaq O'Neal Shaunie Nelson

Nelson recently filed a motion in divorce court, in response to papers filed earlier by Shaq, in which “she denies that their marriage has been irretrievably broken. Furthermore, she is asking the court to dismiss Shaq’s earlier petition and requests a three-month continuance in hopes of preserving her marriage!”

Nelson (who is now back to using the O’Neal surname), tells the TV show that she was “never secretive about their assets, as Shaq declared in his divorce filing this summer.

The story which has circulated about the couple over the past few months had Shaq cheating on her (or was it the other way around?) and Nelson in return beginning to stash (read ‘hide’) the couple’s cash away in anticipation of a breakup (she was stupid enough to sign a pre-nup).