Blogz: Alexander’s Faith At Fault For No NFL Gig?

• 100% INJURY RATE wonders what the holy hell is up with a columnist who believes Shaun Alexander can’t get a job because he’s too Christian.

Shaun Alexander Jesus thumbs up

Kevin Seifert of ESPN discovers the Vikings’ Kenechi Udeze is getting some brotherly help in his fight against leukemia.

Minda of the LADIES… takes us on a Royal three-day adventure around Kauffman Stadium. Sadly, she didn’t partake in any KC BBQ during her trip. For shame!

Eddie Sefko of the DALLAS MORNING NEWS calls in word that Shaq’s anti-Kobe rap is now available as a cell phone ring tone.

• And THE SPORTS CULTURE locates the first kids in Phoenix likely to stick that song on their iPhones.

• RED BIRD HOUSE cautions Nintendo Wii players from getting too excited when horny dogs are about. (Fido must have been watching this Wii Fit clip beforehand.)

• ELEVEN WARRIORS looks back on Penn State’s first 15 years of Big Ten football. (Interesting factoid we enjoyed: Northwestern has won more conference football titles than the Nittany Lions.)

• THE CAPITAL TIMES checks out Wisconsin coach Brett Bielema’s summer reading list: Sidney Poitier, C. Vivian Stringer & Lou Holtz.