Dear Mr. Alexander: Yes, This Really IS Goodbye

In a quick turn of events, Seahawk fans will now be forced to find something new to complain about. Current whipping boy, Shaun Alexander, was released today.

shaun alexander and wife

(I can still keep my wife, right?)

That’s right, just 2 years after winning league MVP and leading Seattle to the Super Bowl, Alexander finds himself looking for a job. Bones made of peanut brittle seem to have that effect.

Seahawks President Tim Ruskell said, “yeah, it’s sad, really,” then proceeded to cut Alexander, thus ending his 8-year, 62 million dollar contract after just two years. Reports that Ruskell also gave Alexander a charlie-horse could not be confirmed.

Alexander, apparently confused, said, “[I] have made far too many wonderful friends to say goodbye.”

Actually Shaun, that’s exactly what you should be doing.

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