Sharpton Wants NFL To Cancel Hall of Fame Game

It’s been a while since Al Sharpton last stuck his mug into the news, so it figures it was time for another sighting of the good reverend. And this one’s a doozy - he’s calling on the NFL to cancel their Hall of Fame game.

Al Sharpton NFL Hall of Fame

WKYC-TV reports that Sharpton and his National Action Network wants the league to postpone their annual preseason game in Canton, Ohio, in protest of alleged police misconduct by the Canton force.

The CANTON REPOSITORY reports that Cortes Everett was arrested last December for marijuana possession and carrying a loaded handgun. But Everett claims police took away his pants and made him stand butt-naked in the snow, while officer Richard Hart yelled profanities at him.

An internal affairs investigation found no evidence of mistreatment toward Everett, but the department did reprimand Hart for his actions.

But that’s not good enough for Sharpton’s group. NAN local chapter leader Richard Jones says they’re going to ask Roger Goodell to cancel the August 3 game between the Colts & Redskins. And it’s not just the commish they promise to pester:

Jones stated that NAN will “publish the contact information for Roger Goodell, Gene Upshaw, Troy Vincent and every African-American player in the NFL and ask that our brothers and sisters around the world call, fax and bombard these men with the simple request that the NFL hold the city of Canton to the same standard that it held Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones, Chris Henry, Terry ‘Tank’ Johnson and Michael Vick, too.”

And maybe ask for some autographs while they’re at it. Really, what does the NFL preseason have to do with police problems in Canton? Why didn’t Sharpton & pals request the New Orleans Saints cancel their season in protest of the Jena 6 hullabaloo?

We are not going to stand for what they did,” Jones said Monday. He promises a national media blitz to expose the behavior of Canton police officers.

“This isn’t about Everett, this is about police brutality,” Jones said.

And about getting some face time on camera. But Jones better show up before Peyton Manning gets pulled in the 1st quarter, when most TV viewers will then likely tune out.