Sharapova Not All Smiles About Novak’s Needling

Novak Djokovic is making a name for himself on the court - not just for his tennis skills, but his impersonations of fellow racketeers.

After his opening match at the Australian Open, the silly Serb does his take on Maria Sharapova’s serve:

According to AGENCE FRANCE PRESS, Sharapova’s only slightly amused about Djokovic’s joking. She called his antics “kind of boring,” while assuring fans, “I’m sure you guys are going to get bored of it.”

But it’s not all sour grapes, as Maria adds, “It’s fun any time you can get some entertainers out there.”

The question is: can she dish it out as well as she takes it?

Sharapova describes how she would show-off Novak’s own serve: “We’d need a really long time, because all I’ll need is a tennis ball and I’m just going to stand here and bounce the ball for a really long time before I serve. We’re going to be here all day long.”

Unfortunately for the crowd, Maria neglected to demonstrate.

Djokovic says he means no offense, and it just trying to add some fun to the game: “It’s just that it’s something that I think, in my opinion, brings up some positive energy and something different.”

Maria Sharapova

But if Novak puts on an outfit like this, we’ll have to draw the line.

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