Shaquille O’Neal Sells His Miami Watefront Mansion to A-Rod

SHAQ SELLING MIAMI MANSION TO UNEMPLOYED A-ROD: Shaq has finally sold his house, apparently to A-Rod:

Shaq A-Rod

The DAILY BUSINESS REVIEW reports the Heat center finally found a buyer for his Biscayne Bay mansion. O’Neal had set the original asking price at $35 million, but it looks like he’s settling for $27 million instead.And sources say the ex-Yankee 3rd baseman is the one who snatched up the property. Rodriguez reportedly has been looking for an abode bigger than his current Coral Gables home.

Shaquille O'Neal bed

O’Neal bought the waterfront estate for $18.8 million in 2004. He actually tried to unload the place in 2005, but found success similar to his free throw percentage.As the house deal gets finalized, can we now start the ARod-to-Marlins rumors?