Shaquille O’Neal Now Noted Revisionist Historian

Remember last year when new Phoenix Suns center Shaquille O’Neal said that Steve Nash’s two MVP awards were tainted? Paul Coro and Doug Haller of the ARIZONA REPUBLIC called him on the comment yesterday.

Steve Nash Shaquille O'Neal

“No, I never said that,” O’Neal said Thursday.
“Did I? If I said that, delete it from the files.”

So now Shaq has a new (easily programmable!) answer…

He’s one of the only guys who I feel beat me out for the MVP fair and square. No questions asked. A lot of guys were like, ‘Come on.’ But this guy, look at what he can do and what he’s done. When they asked me about it, I just had to give it up to him. He’s a great player. Very, very unselfish. Too unselfish at times.

Great news for Suns fans, because with all that backpedaling, Shaq’s hips surely must be back in playing shape.

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