Shaq’s Only Run For The Border Will Be Taco Bell

If you live in the southwest, you know doubt have heard of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He’s the guy who created the Tent City outside of Phoenix to house criminals. And it was his idea to feed them baloney sandwiches and make them wear pink underwear. He’s also been outspoken about curbing illegal immigration in Arizona.

Shaq As A Fake Cop

You probably also know about Shaq’s exploits as a fake police officer. So KTAR-AM in PHO (via FAN IQ) this week asked Arpaio about bringing O’Neal into his authoritative fold to help box out illegals crossing the Arizona border.

But Arpaio is way ahead of the media on this one.

Arpaio deputized O’Neal two years ago and is already looking into have a uniform made for the The Big Crispy: “I’m glad he’s coming out to my turf. I’m hoping we’ll recruit him for our posse. Maybe we’ll go after illegal immigrants and other crime.

Based on Shaq’s track record on catching kiddie porn lovers and gay bashers, the passer-out of pink panties will have the The Big Judas strapped with a sidearm in no time.

But considering the beating Shaq would take from the PC Police over a stance on illegal aliens, it’s safe to assume the only run for the border he’ll be making anytime soon is at Taco Bell’s late night drive-thru.