Shaq’s New Gal: Step Up Or Down From Shaunie?

Shaquille O’Neal is attempting a fresh start out in the Valley of the Suns, with a new team, new arena - and new girlfriend?

Shaq Shaunie O'Neal

(Shaq & Shaunie in super happier times)

When Shaq sauntered away from South Beach, he not only left behind fond memories with the Heat, but also his soon-to-be ex-wife Shaunie. And now SPORTAPHILE (via the always reliable[?] MEDIA TAKE OUT) snags some snapshots of the Big Cactus and his supposed latest squeeze.

Is she a step above, a step below, a step sideways? Check the pics after to jump to judge for yourself.

Shaq with new girl

Shaq with new gal pal

Shaq laughing with girl

Apparently, the new gal pal is some R&B singer by the name of Jerzee Monet. Couldn’t O’Neal have Shaq-ed up with Beyonce or Fergie instead?