Shaq’s Apparent Acute Disdain For Tim Cowlishaw

Shaquille O’Neal to FSN Arizona today on the negative reaction of the media on the Suns acquisition of him: “I’m very upset. … I have cable. I watch ESPN. I listen to Mike Wilbon and ‘Around The Horn’ and all that stuff.

Around The Horn

We haven’t been watching Wilbon lately on PTI (shouldn’t he be resting?). But we did check out his column on the the Suns’ sudden Shaq-up with O’Neal. And it isn’t altogether complimentary.

More amusing is the thought of Shaq scheduling his day around “Around The Horn.” And The Big Judas wincing at the well-reasoned analyses of Jay Marriotti.

Before, we viewed that show as nothing more than inspiration for stroke recovery victims (Woody). But knowing now that Shaq gets his hot sports opinions from Tim Cowlishaw, it will be appointment viewing. At least while we await our next colonoscopy.