Shaq is a Whale. He Also Lost $200,000 Gambling

Cool video from Jermaine Dupri’s official website,

Shaq lost 200 stacks to Dupri Video

(Dupri took 200 stacks from Shaq? Sure it wasn’t flapjacks?)

Dupri chronicles his day at the All-Star Game in Dallas, and has a mildly amusing interchange with Shaquille O’Neal. In addition to some unfortunate singing, Shaq tells us he previously lost $200,000 gambling with Dupri.

This man liked to gamble with me, he hit me for about $200,000, but I’m ready now. … He got me for about $200,000, but I’m ready now. (unintelligible *singing*)

He better be ready, thanks to the size of his baby formula bill.

Watch the whole video. Shaq’s tired act is probably the least interesting part.