Divorce Docs: Shaq’s $1,500 Monthly Cable Bill

Shaq Fat Kid

PAST DEADLINE has the only details from the Shaq-Shaunie divorce case that we really care about: The Big Crispy’s bizarre monthly expenditures.

The site reports that the TV show EXTRA sifted through some of the recent legal documents regarding the couple’s divorce case (fun internship, eh?), and found that “O’Neal made almost $2 million a month. But before your jaw drops, keep in mind that Shaq had a lot of expenses, as well. According to the affidavit he spent $22,000 a month for maid service …. his monthly clothing expenditure is $17,000 … his monthly vacations cost $110,000 and his monthly gasoline bill is $23,000 (that works out to about 6,000 gallons of gas, or about 200 gallons a day).

But Shaq’s $1,500 monthly on demand porn cable bill is our favorite insane indulgence. We wonder if that kind of jack gets the 8-hour installation time window cut down to say, six.