Blog-O-Rama: Shaq Really Thinks He’s Superman

• FAN IQ finds footage from Sunday of Shaq thinking he’s really Superman, as the Big Cactus soars into Spurs spectators:

• 100% INJURY RATE loves the smell of napalm and pine tar in the morning, as Marlins reliever Logan Kensing likes to shoot at animals from helicopters.

• SCENE DAILY races over news that Tony Stewart had a bad day with Goodyear.

• Circle your calendars for April 3 - that’s when the 2008 NFL schedule will be announced. And the NFL Network will be there to broadcast the big announcement to all 20 of you that have the channel.

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING dribbles up how Tayshaun Prince’s quick strip show drove some Detroit dames dizzy.

• The ASSOCIATED PRESS cuts to the chase, as an Oregon clinic has the perfect excuse to sit around all day and watch March Madness: it’s recovery time from a vasectomy.• And for those who got their snipping done early, the Division II brackets are already set.

Michael David Smith of AOL FANHOUSE corrects boxing expert Max Kellerman about Gene Tunney’s success of getting revenge.

• The NEW YORK TIMES notes that Serena Williams won the Bangalore Open - her first tennis tourney victory in 11 months.

Serena Williams

• MR. IRRELEVANT stays seated, as the sanctity of storming the court has been stomped to death.

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK shoots over news that a bunch of NFL teams are still willing to give Pacman another try.

Ken Rosenthal of FOX SPORTS hurls news that the Milwaukee Brewers may have their pitchers bat 8th all season.