Shaq Kobe Albums Michele Tafoya Eric Karros Laugh

• LeBron’s got company: 100% INJURY RATE hits the studio to remaster some athletes’ audio atrocities:

Shaq Kobe Albums

• VARIETY has a review of “Second Chance Season“, the film doc about ex-USC star and new Wizard Nick Young.

• WE ARE THE POSTMEN warns you not to mess around with Michele Tafoya:

• NYJER PLEASE has a tear in their eye, knowing that whenever children are crying, Eric Karros will be there - laughing at them.

• SIGNAL TO NOISE raises a toast to new wine entrepeneur Tom Seaver:

Tom Seaver Wine

• For the soaked folks in the Plains States, WHERE EVERYBODY KNOWS YOUR NAME has this list of “Things More Annoying Than 18 Straight Days of Rain“.

• Blimey! THE NATIONAL ANTHEM BEFORE A CUBS GAME has this helpful British guide to NFL Football:

Family Guy Football

• THE GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS plan on making some house calls to Pacman Jones, as the troubled Titan will be installing stripper poles in his pad.

• The new home accessories can also keep Pacman at the peak of his prowess, as shown in this workout infomercial:

Strippers Pole Video

• THE LOSS COLUMN throws their $756.02 into the Barry Bonds debate.