Shaq Juking And Jiving With The Jabberwockeez

• Nothing sums up the NBA All-Star Weekend like the Shaqawockeez.

Shaquille ONeal Shaqawockeez

• Of course, there were other wondrous sights to be seen in Phoenix, such as Snoop Dogg, Japanese reporters, and mascots abducting children.

• The bad economy is even putting the squeeze on Little League Baseball.

Mike Tomlin was quite the wideout for William & Mary.

• British babe banned from boxing because of her breast implants.

• Suns player Jason Richardson gets caught doing 90 in a 35 zone - while his 3-year-old son isn’t secured in a child seat.

• Thieves strike an alley and roll away with 150 bowling balls.

• Maybe college football recruiting is getting out of hand when schools are trying to secure the services of a 12-year-old QB.

• And the winner of today’s Kobe-Shaq-Sager caption contest is…

Kobe Shaq Craig Sager

pbrown, who remembers Mr. O’Neal’s impromptu rap: “So Kobe, how does Shaq’s ass taste?”

Thanks for playing. A new contest comes bouncing your way tomorrow.