SHAQ ATTACKS, PART DEUX: Shaq slammed Lakers …

SHAQ ATTACKS, PART DEUX: Shaq slammed Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak in an interview with SLAM Magazine.

Shaq: "Some guys are so smart that they’re dumb. Mitch Kupchak will never be remembered for anything but what? Trading me. That was the dumbest move in sports history. Congratulations, Mitch."

Shaq also cracks back on Kobe (again): "It’s sort of like ancient karate movies. Think about it. The master trains his young disciple. Then when the young disciple gets some [expletive], they think they can do better.”

And finally, more delustional dabbings from the Diesel: "I just like to look at it like this. Agent O’Neal did a great job for the FBI in Los Angeles. His time is up there. And now he just has to relocate to Miami."

Sounds like Shaq busted into Ricky Williams’ stash.


LIP SERVICE LISA: Lisa Guerrero, who just revealed that she will pose for Playboy in its December issue, said this in an interview in STEPPIN’ OUT magazine in 2002: "I’ve been offered Playboy before. But I won’t do it. I won’t take off my clothes. I don’t see anything wrong with Maxim, Stuff or FHM. Those magazines are tastefully done and you’re not on your back naked!"I wouldn’t appear in a thong or a bathing suit. I think you can be very sexy and strong and really powerful and not have to strip down to your undies. You can still be very sexy and feminine and not bare it all."