Shaky Arizona On Court Performance Aside Lute Olson Denise Parkinsons Rumors

ARIZONA’S SHAKY SEASON ASIDE, OLSON WILL BE FINE: The ARIZONA REPUBLIC reports what Arizona fans and media have been whispering about all season: Does Lute Olson have Parkinson’s disease?

Lute Olson

Olson finally addressed the matter yesterday: “It’s a vicious rumor that gets passed on. It’s totally false.

OK, I’m glad that’s out of the way, but then Lute went on a overreactive rant to the newspaper about why he’s bringing it up now: “A television station began to work on a story two weeks ago, a sports talk radio caller mentioned it and a fan came up to him today and asked him about it.

And Olson added, “This is the kind of thing you get from people you are recruiting against.”

Lute Olson Photos

So Olson actually thinks an opposing coach would tell a recruit, “Don’t go to U of A because Olson is going to be M.J.-Foxed before too long”?

That’s absurd. Everyone knows Jim Harrick was fired by UCLA in 1996.

In fairness to the coach, I’m not so sure something like this would be cropping up if the Wildcats had been having their usual dominant season.

As an aside, the photo the Arizona Republic chose to accompany the online story, which shows Olson’s fingers outstretched on his right hand, is amusing to me.

Lute Olson Parkinsons

It’s as if the news outlet is telling the reader: “See … no tremors, Coach is going to be just fine!”