SF Giants Desperately Turn to Plan Zito, Lose

After demoting the $126 million man to the bullpen a whole week ago, Barry Zito found himself back on the rubber in the bottom of the first in Pittsburgh last night: a putative starter for a putrid team yet again.

He managed mediocrity, taking nearly 100 pitches to eke out five innings of two-run ball against the Pirates. Unfortunately, that pathetic Giants offense only scored once. Giants lose.

Magic 8-Ball

(Bruce Bochy Business Success Tool (assumed))

The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE notes mechanical changes and mental focus and miscellaneous other unlikely and/or unprovable nonsense. Barry Zito is who he is. Now the question is: who the hell does Bruce Bochy think he is?

“”Barry’s going to start. He’s a starter,” Bochy said. “We felt we had to break it up and give him a break. We were hoping we cold get him out there (in relief) a couple of times. Now, that didn’t happen, so he’s going back into the rotation.”"

There’s a term for this in b-school that THE 700 LEVEL could probably help you with, Bruce: flailing. Maybe he’s a starter. Maybe he’s a reliever. Maybe you’re one of those inventive fellows that makes him a starter and has him relieve on his normal throwing off-days. Fine, brilliant. But choose, for crying out loud. He may not be much of a pitcher, but very few people succeed on shifting sands.

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