Blog Jam: Sexy Surf Babes Riding Waves In Rio

• The ASP women’s pro surfing tournament is in Rio this week, and STEADY BURN washes up some sexy shots of the boarding babes, such as the marvelous Megan Abubo:

Megan Abubo

• BREWERS BLOG boo-hoos news that Corey Hart is not happy hearing all the malcontents at Miller Park.

• The L.A. TIMES shoot up word that former UCLA star Kevin Love would like nothing better than to dunk on Tyler Hansbrough.

• WITH LEATHER tries to figure out which GQ get-up best suits Brett Favre.

• THE WORLD OF ISAAC chows down on the Pistons’ offer for fans to pack on the pounds with all-you-can-eat seats.

• Speaking of counting calories, CUZOOGLE hopes Tom Brady doesn’t get fat while he’s off the field.

• The DETROIT FREE PRESS learns you can’t believe every text message you get, as Steve Yzerman is NOT skating out of retirement to return to the Red Wings.

• The CHICAGO TRIBUNE feels better knowing that Fort Wayne’s new minor league baseball stadium will be named after a hospital.