Blog Jam: Site Shows Scantily-Clad Sox Sweeties

• DEADSPIN helps unhooks some of Boston’s lastest Red Sox merch.

Sexy Red Sox girl

• THE WORLD OF ISAAC wonders if Joel Piniero is in the right sport, as the Cardinals pitcher does a kick save & a beauty off a line drive.

• While Lee Elia tries to cash in on his 25-year-old tirade, WALKOFF WALK remembers another memorable MLB meltdown courtesy of Goose Gossage.

• THE SCORES REPORT is overwhelmed with all the underclassmen declaring for the NBA Draft.

• BEER CONTROL OFFENSE talks about Tuesday’s tornadoes hitting their home in Suffolk, VA.

• THE SPORTS HERNIA wonders when did Robinson Cano turn into Robinson Crusoe.

• YOU BEEN BLINDED punches up video of the stepdaughter of ex-Steeler Greg Lloyd showing off her Tae Kwan Do talent.

• RANDBALL debates whether their hometown Metrodome is the 26th-best ballpark in SI’s latest rankings.