‘Sexkiller’ Simona Driven To Redux By EuroPress?

For many of us, Simona Halep’s abrupt breast reduction was a sad, slightly strange tale. Why would a semi-accomplished yet obscure pro tennis player have her breasts reduced shortly after her career highlight? (Winning the Junior French Open.)

Simona Halep Ripped Apart By European Press For Breast Reduction

(Translation: The blacked out word starts with “T” and ends with “S”)

It now goes without saying that my post about Halep in April sped up the 17-year-old’s decision to have the surgery. But, from what I can tell, European entertainment and sports websites struck the decisive blow.

Simona Halep Ripped Sexkilling storm up in tennis - By <b>Thor Carl Forest</b></p> <p>A 17-year-old Romanian tennis player is about to get a massive fanskare, although she is not yet in world elite</p> <p>Apart By European Press For Breast Reduction

(One guess what “NEEEJ!” means)

I tried to be subtle in my initial admiration for Halep’s assets. But I can’t say the same for the headline writers at EKSTRA BLADET. Upon picking up my first post, the Danish entertainment site blared of Halep, “Sexkilling stormer frem i tennis” - which translates to, “Sexkilling storm up in tennis“.

The Danish site then tagged its story about her reduction with, “Neeej! Slut med kæmpe tennisbryster” - which translates to, “Noooo! Connect with huge t— tennis.” (I know, it could’ve been worse.)

Romania’s most visited sports site, PROSPORT.ro also reported extensively on her breast dilemma, even publishing this desperate plea:

Romanian Sports Site Begs Simona Not To Get A Reduction

And you probably saw the LONDON SUN’s treatment of the story, which including a skanky, fake-boobed *volleyball player* giving “advice” on playing sports with huge boobs.

Bolt On Broad Tries To Give Simona Advice

(Shocking that the bolted-on hag’s advice didn’t move Simona)

I might add that the Sun never credited SbB in its coverage, despite the fact that Sun editors initially discovered Halep here. The Sun has also neglected to report on her reduction, because SbB has been the only source of her post-reduction photos so far - and they’re watermarked with our URL. (The same way mainstream media site TMZ does it, kiddos.)

As soon as the Sun gets hold of non-watermarked photos, I’m sure it’ll do a huge splash on it. C’est la vie for the sports blogger - not complaining, just explaining how things work.

The other irony is that Halep’s post-reduction photos have barely been covered in the sports blogosphere, save DEADSPIN and THE BIG LEAD. Same deal as The Sun on that. If the photos weren’t watermarked, you can bet they’d be poached by other blogs and be all over the place by now. Again, no biggie. That’s just how things work, be it mainstream media or tiny, indie blogs. Strange though in that you would think a small, indie sport blogger would want to credit one of his peers for an interesting find.

Also, for your amusement, here’s the translated version of Ekstra Bladet’s piece on Halep’s breast reduction. Accompanied by a pre-reduction photo you haven’t seen.

The name you can just as well get used to her you will see and hear more.

17-year-old Simona Halep has created a minor sensation in tennis, and it is not only because she is number 242 in the world.

About a year ago, images of the Romanian teenager to appear on the Internet and it became clear that it was her bosom, which attracted attention.

A bosom, which she first threatened to have minor surgery - and she is now, according to an article on sportsbybrooks.com effectively has been reduced. The site also has a picture of Halep who claimed to be taken after the operation.

Romanians do not believe that she is with her natural size 75E could reach the top in tennis

The 17-year-old Romanian is now only number 317 in the world, but she is rapidly emerging.

As a junior she came up as number 1 in the world and won particular French Open i 2008. French Open in 2008.

But if the career paths for some reason was true to, so she can probably make Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova art piece for and earn as much money as fotomodel.

For Simona has some specific qualities that are to spot.

Safe to assume Halep has never heard of SbB. But I’m guessing some of the aforementioned coverage in Europe got back to her. An emailer told me that during the French Open, her profile was the most visited page on the official Roland Garros-sponsored site. And no doubt, she was confronted repeatedly about her breasts.

All that makes me a little sad. But, from her post-reduction photos, she looks to be in good spirits. Especially considering she was posing for pseudo-modeling photos. Bless her heart. (OK, I’m starting to sound like Mark Stanford. I’ll stop now.)

So for those of you blaming SbB, buzz off. If I hadn’t posted about her, you would never of heard of her in your lifetime. She’s made it clear in past statements that she was going to have the procedure done anyway, but the suffocating coverage from the European press most likely expidited god’s wondrous creations.

So, this is the last word on Simona Halep, for obvious reasons.

Simona Halep pre-redux action shot

(She could scream back then ALL SHE WANTED TO)

That is, until we find another stash of pre-reduction piccies.

UPDATE: Poland has spoken: “Drama. She declined, however, the breast.” (Wot?)

Guess they should know. (NSFW!!)