Sex With A NFL Player’s Girlfriend? Here’s How!

The FLORIDA TIMES-UNION reports today that “Jaguars defensive back Brian Williams went off on a sexual, racist and profane rant aimed at Jacksonville police during his 2006 drunken driving arrest, according to recently obtained documents from his ongoing prosecution.

Brian Williams Jacksonville Jaguars

Officer E.E. Bridges noted shortly after the arrest Williams threatened “sex acts with the officer’s wife and daughter and later called Bridges, who is white, a ‘honky’ coupled with a sexual epithet. Of course, Williams also claimed that Bridges only arrested him because he was black (he actually used the n-word).

Fun stuff, but Williams saved the best part for his date on that fateful evening.

Times-Union: “Williams also offered to let Bridges have sex with his date ‘if you let me go,’ according to the officer’s notes.

Whatta guy! Now we know why the Jags did so well this past season, nothing but a bunch of team players.

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Next up: Massachusetts State Police setting up a DUI checkpoint outside Tom Brady’s brownstone.