“Sex Toy Assault” Alleged In HS Volleyball Hazing

Four students were suspended and 6 staff members have been transferred from a Los Angeles high school in the wake of hazing allegations on the boys’ volleyball team, and boy, is this one a doozy. Investigators are keeping the particulars of the hazing hushed up, but descriptions of it include the words “locker room shower,” “suggestive acts with a sex toy”, and “held down by other students and assaulted.” So, you know, you do the math.

Taft Boys Volleyball Team

The staff members of Taft High School, including the principal and the volleyball coach, allegedly knew about the hazing and failed to stop it, and have been reassigned while the investigation continues. By which they mean, a pattern of rectum-wrecking dildo play, I suppose. Come on, guys. I was in a fraternity, and never did anything like this. You’re giving our homoerotic, all-male clubs a bad name.

Taft boasts a number of alumni in professional sports, including Jordan Farmar, Duffy Waldorf, Robin Yount and — ahem — Pete LaCock.

Investigators think the incident might be part of a pattern of hazing at the school, whose mascot is the hypermasculine/gay icon the Toreadors. “Every time we pull one layer back, we find another layer,” said an LAPD source.

School officials say a single incident was reported in January, but further investigation by LAPD produced allegations that there was a practice of hazing since September. Eleven students say they were victimized.

“It was sad ’cause I mean, it was a joke, but it turned into something, something really bad,” said student Andre Naranio.

“It’s not fair at all,” said another student. “I mean, they join a sport just … for fun, it’s not for this, this is not the reason why they joined it.”

Reassigned along with Taft’s principal, Sharon Thomas, was volleyball coach Arman Mercado, along with two assistant principals, an athletic trainer and a security guard. How f’d up is the culture at this school when, instead of stopping the abuse when they found out about it, that first staff member instead seemingly ran to the faculty lounge to gossip about it. They even told the security guard. That’s ballsy. I guess Taft volleyball did win city in 2007, so don’t mess with success.

Some misguided parents are actually rallying around the principal.

After hearing that Thomas had been reassigned, some parents and former parents of Taft students said they would plan a rally in support of her. “I have two children who went to Taft, and if it wasn’t for Ms. Thomas, my son would not have graduated,” said parent Jessica Estrada.

Yeah, and somebody else’s son would not have lost his virgin black cherry. Allegedly.

It’s never the sports you’d expect with these hazing things, is it? It’s never football or baseball, it’s always something like swimming, or cheerleading, or band. Maybe these activities don’t feel like they’re taken seriously enough as real competitors. Well, I’ll say this: holding someone down in the shower and assaulting them with a sex toy has never been an accepted way to achieve legitimacy.

Taft High School: redefining “taking one for the team.”