Sex Store In Trouble For Naming Their Toys After Athletes

• OUR BOOK OF SCRAP reports a German adult store chain is in trouble for using the names of soccer players on their sex toys without permission. And just when their U.S. shops were whipping out the Big Unit and Big Papi.

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS finds a useful internet program that helps you keep track of where you spent those $8 beers and gorged on stale nachos.

• If you didn’t hate Michael Bolton enough, DEUCE OF DAVENPORT uncovers reason #589. Guess he won’t be invited to any Yankees games anytime soon.

• DC SPORTS BOG notes that while the Washington media went home, the bloggers stood fast throughout the long, wet night, and were rewarded with a rare Nationals victory and ever rarer exciting finish.

• Although SI’s Rick Reilly isn’t too keen, STILES POINTS gets a kick out of watching NFL Draft coverage.