Athletes Getting Rocky Mountain High w/Hookers

Who knew Bill Belichick would have such a gay ol’ time in Beantown?

• Things to do in Denver when you’re dead-set about getting some hookers & blow:

Dinger Colorado Rockies Mascot Cocaine

• Going Washington Post-al: Tony Kornheiser & Michael Wilbon are cheesed at DC SPORTS BOG’s Dan Steinberg.

• Keeping abreast of Jessica Canseco’s topless sunbathing habits.

Tony La Russa knew about Scott Spiezio’s speeding & spewing since early January, yet did nothing about it.

Bruce Pearl said he was going to kick Memphis’s ass. Too bad he didn’t repeat himself before facing Vanderbilt.

• Packers site prematurely puts up post about Brett Favre’s final farewell:

Favre To Retire Posting

• Duck! Oregon fans show some really rough Love to Kevin’s family.

• Elite XC may have CBS, but UFC brews up a new deal with Budweiser.

David Carr is driven out of Carolina.

• DePaul’s women’s basketball coach is the victim of career win #800 not once, but twice.