Seriously, What’s Gotten Into The Sporting News?

THE SPORTING NEWS has been on life support for some time now, something we’re sure you’re unaware of, because you’re probably unaware that The Sporting News still exists. Paul Allen bought the mag a few years ago and tried to expand the brand. His company, Vulcan, failed miserably and eventually sold the whole shooting match to AmCity Business Journals.
Sporting News

AmCity is still trying to decide what to do with the wilted property, which includes the mag, assorted yearly publications, and a fringe sports radio network. What was once the biblical brand of hardcore sports fans is now a marginal player at best in the sports media.

There are some signs of life though, however faint.’s Chris Mottram has put together something called THE SPORTING BLOG, which has a format much like AOL’s FANHOUSE. Mottram & Co. pulled off a recent coup by landing Dan Shanoff as a regular contributor. And Will Leitch of DEADSPIN will be filing for from the Super Bowl (hopefully cell camera in hand at some Tempe watering holes).

Thanks to those moves, we’ve got back on our bookmarks as part of our daily rounds. Let’s hope the success the site is sure to have with those improvements will help to prop up the other sagging properties. Don’t call it a comeback, but TSN has resumed a place on our radar screen.

Darren Rovell has a nice piece about the same thing at As does MDS at FANHOUSE.