Serena Williams Topless Pic: Surf-Up, Top-Down

Serena Williams, who recently received a slap on the wrist $82,500 fine after threatening to kill a foot fault judge at the U.S. Open last summer, is current vacationing in Barbados. (Williams made $700,000 in earnings from that tournament alone.)

Serena Williams topless photo

Williams was sighted body-boarding by a long-lensed paparrazo when a wardrobe malfunction ocurred.

Messing around in the sea on a Barbados beach yesterday, Serena Williams suffered an embarrassing slip-up - when her strapless swimsuit rolled down.

Serena Williams topless photo

Indeed. Click-thru to the Daily Mail to see the unedited photo.

The Daily Mail reports Williams laughed off the incident, but perhaps she was instead chuckling at the fraudulent U.S. Open punishment meted out by the WTA.