Serena Now Suffering From A (Very) Heavy Heart

If it’s full-on winter, it’s cold and rainy in L.A., people are throwing logs on the fire in Chicago, there’s a hint of ash in the air in Manhattan, and Serena Williams is busying herself with lining up excuses for tanking at the Australian Open.

Serena Williams

(Steel enclosure we’ll say!)

Not able to lament any current injuries (which is downright shocking), she instead has revealed on her website that she’s suffering from a broken heart - after getting dumped by a guy: “You cringe at these words. This is the very reason you begin to think why your heart was in that steel enclosure … because one day it always turns into this day. Tears finally come and they make you feel a little better, but the pain is piercing through your soul. Eventually you know you will try again, and eventually you know you will find the keys to your heart, but also in the back of your mind your think … it will happen again.

Now the question is, who dumped her? (work with us, today’s gotten slow)

There’s plenty of speculation making the rounds (when we saw this, we immediately hit THE BIG LEAD for their take), and it’s now safe to assume that it’s either actor Jackie Long or the rapper Common.

Serena Williams

(Jackie did that … and THAT to get dumped?)

We’re guessing Common after reading Jackie Long’s reax to Serena and Common recently being caught together by the paparazzi in London.

Serena Williams

On the bright side, perhaps this means Serena will finally start to get her priorities straight by refocusing on where her true talent resides: makeup and fashion design.