Serena: Boycott Tourney Because I Was Charged

Why is Twitter so dangerous to professional athletes? We get to see who they really are, instead of the faux, pre-packaged personalities offered us by their sponsors.

Serena Williams tells fans to boycott tournament because it charged her for tickets

The latest example of Twitter pulling back that curtain was the indelicate display put on by Serena Williams last Saturday.

Last weekend the ATP’s Farmers Classic was being played in Los Angeles. On Saturday afternoon, Williams told her 1.7 million Twitter followers to boycott the men’s tennis tournament because she was charged for tickets to the tournament.

Two of the Tweets she sent out slamming the tournament:

Omg! The @farmersclassic tennis tournament in LA is charging me $100 a ticket… After I plugged them!!! Lol ill send a bill for my plug!

@farmersclassic = use @serenajwilliams than over charge her to see tennis! Lol. Anywho don’t go if u r in LA

Williams also re-Tweeted this message from one of her followers:

RT @benthomas10009: @serenajwilliams that is awful, the greatest women’s tennis player ever, has 2 pay to go to a tennis match…disgusting.

And claimed she was also overcharged for her tickets:

@farmersclassic = use @serenajwilliams than over charge her to see tennis! Lol. I would have paid been happy to $1000 If I did not plug them

Keep in mind that each one of Williams’ Tweets went out to nearly two million people.

Might it have been classier of Williams to voice her complaint about the ticket situation with the tournament officials themselves?

What’s the odds she would’ve been comped the tix by the tourney with a 30-second phone call to the folks running the event?

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that there was some miscommunication that led to her being charged in the first place.

For someone who has been around as long as Williams has, her behavior in this situation was so astonishingly juvenile that part of me wants to believe that her Twitter was hijacked.

Does anyone else think that’s a possibility? @question = rhetorical