“Selig ready to suspend” SF Giants GM, Owner?

Peter Magowan

Richard Justice of the HOUSTON CHRONICLE writes today that baseball commissioner “Bud Selig seems ready to suspend San Francisco Giants owner Peter Magowan and general manager Brian Sabean for looking the other way while a certain slugger bulked up and hit a bunch of home runs.

Selig’s motivation would be, as noted by the Georgie Mitchell, Sabean’s repeated unwillingness to remove Barry Bonds’ (alleged) steroid supplier, Greg Anderson, from the Giants’ clubhouse. In the same report, Magowan told George Mitchell “that Barry Bonds admitted using steroids, Mitchell’s report on steroid use in baseball says. Magowan later attempted to withdraw the disclosure.

We’re still dubious about Selig going through with a suspension. But he may well have to do something to keep up appearances with Congress.

More interesting was the discovery made Tuesday about the drug baseball players have been using as a replacement for amphetamines.

Excerpt: “It also was revealed Tuesday that medical exemptions for the use of Attention Deficit Disorder medication among baseball players increased from 28 in 2006 to 103 in 2007. Apparently some players have found Ritalin is a nice substitute for amphetamines.

Additionally, Justice writes about the grim legal scenario facing Miguel Tejada, who told investigators under the auspices of Congress that he’d never used steroids, nor knew anyone who had. Unfortunately for Tejada, the Mitchell Report stated evidence that indicated otherwise.

Justice: “He should have stopped with that lame B-12 excuse. He wasn’t under oath, but neither was Martha Stewart. The penalty is the same: 15 to 20 months. Why is it always the coverup and not the crime that trip people up? Don’t they ever learn?”

The Houston-based reporter is right. So why is Justice the only person on planet earth who supports Roger Clemens?