Selig Exults Over MLB’s Luxurious Elbow Room

To reference a certain “Star Trek” captain, baseball commissioner Bud Selig does not believe in no-win scenarios. He looks at a half-empty stadium and prefers to see it as half full, and said as much when addressing baseball’s significant attendance dip at the owners meetings in Manhattan on Thursday.

Dolphins Stadium

Overall major league attendance is down 5.3 percent from last season, with an average of 28,693 fans per game, according to Baseball-Reference. That’s rather striking considering that the Mets and Yankees are both in new stadiums — the Yanks showed a decrease from last season of 6,823 fans per game. Of course those no-shows could all be corporate clients afraid to show their faces in $2,500 seats after accepting TARP money.


Baseball’s average attendance is down and, in the words of one observer, teams are so eager to get fans to buy tickets, “it’s like they’re saying, ‘We’ll find a way for you to pay for it, like a used car.’” But commissioner Bud Selig says he is “encouraged” by how the game is weathering the country’s economic crisis so far.

“The clubs are very aggressive in the way they are reaching out,” Selig said yesterday after Major League Baseball’s quarterly owners’ meetings broke up in Manhattan. “I actually complimented them at the end of the meeting. You have some teams in markets that have really, really been hurt.”

Of course there was no mention of baseball’s PED epidemic, Manny’s suspension, or the fact that small market teams could be put out of business entirely before the economy gets better.

Even with a 6,000-plus per-game drop in attendance, the Yankees are leading the majors with 44,375 fans per game. The Mets are seventh despite a dip of 10,924 per game, down to 38,595 from 49,519.

In conclusion, we should all get ready for more wackly MLB promotions to get fans in the seats; although how they’ll top Justin Morneau Fishing Lure Night is beyond me.