Selig on Sosa: Show’s Over, Nothing To See Here

Bud Selig’s big problem is that English is his first language. When caught up in one of his monumental f***-ups, it would be convenient if he could just sit back and claim that he doesn’t understand what anyone is saying. Coincidentally, that’s what Sammy Sosa has done on more than one occasion – including to Congress — when asked about steroid use.

Bud Selig

So now it’s leaked that Sosa tested positive in 2003, and Selig’s reaction is, basically, “Hey! That was supposed to be a secret!” And now, like an Irish cop on the beat, his job seems to be to disperse the onlookers. Selig is SHOCKED that anyone has interest in this!

Selig stopped by 620 in Phoenix KTAR today for some damage control to chat with Gambo and Ash about the Sosa news.

“I don’t have any comment but I’ll tell you what I told everybody else, we now have the toughest testing program in American sports. We’ve had one positive test this year in over 1500 administered. In the previous three years, we’ve only had eight positive tests.  We’re talking about test results in 2002 and 2003, and I don’t know whether this story is accurate or not, I’m not gonna comment on that.

But, I do find it somewhat curious, my minor league program is in its eighth year, which means all the great young players, the young players on the Diamondbacks and everybody else have been tested over and over.  The major league program is in its sixth or seventh year, we’ve banned amphetamines, we’re leading the fight to find a test for Human Growth Hormone. So, this sport has really addressed that problem…”

I don’t know … that sounds like a comment to me.

“By the way, I’m told by a lot of lawyers today that any leaks out, whether they’re accurate or not, are illegal and unethical. And, so, if you wanna ask me if I’m appalled?  Yes, I am appalled…It is not affecting our popularity, it is not affecting the sport…You have me on today, and you’re doing everything but talk baseball. I must admit to you, it is stunning to me, because the fact of the matter is that’s not what our fans want to do.

There are so many great stories happening in this sport right now and have for the year - it’s been a remarkable season, it’s ten and a half weeks old, it’s been absolutely remarkable. We have great races, we have great races in all divisions, and you’re talking about tests that happened eight years ago. You want me to be candid with you?That’s appalling.”

Selig is appalled by illegal and unethical behavior, unless it it’s occurring with his two biggest sluggers during a year in which their home run race is “saving” baseball. Bud, we’re all tired of your bull****. One of the top home run hitters in baseball history took steroids, and you don’t think we deserve to know that? If this were a barbecue, you would have been replaced long ago with a cook who doesn’t burn the wieners.