Selfish LenDale White “Didn’t Care” About Loss

Apparently, all it took was one loss for some ugly fissures in the Tennessee Titans’ sense of team unity to be laid open. In this case, the TENNESSEAN says the aggrieved party is Titans running back/Dr. Dre lookalike LenDale White, who went off to a reporter about his playing time after getting only one carry. Imagine if they lose a second game this season - the locker room might be ripped in two.

LenDale White

It would be great to report that despite his limited playing time yesterday, White remained enthusiastic and a team player, and didn’t turn into a selfish jerk. However…seriously, this is an NFL player we’re talking about here. How do you think it’s going to play out?

“I have been over it. It is a game, so what?’’ White said. “You would like to win it, but it is one game, so what? … I only played three plays so I really couldn’t tell you what happened, I don’t really know, I wasn’t paying attention, I didn’t care really.’’

Granted, Chris Johnson hardly had a stellar game for Tennessee (46 yards rushing and a fumble), and it was pretty shocking that White’s playing time was so limited. But then again, out of this three plays, one was a run for a one yard loss and the other was a dropped pass. Hardly inspiring stuff.

Is White going to have a conversation with the coaching staff about this? He says he isn’t sure, but has some pointed, confused, mangled words on the subject:

“I ain’t got no conversation for nobody, I don’t care,’’ White said. “If they have something to tell me, if they need to tell me I’m not going to play, then they should tell me, you know?”

While he was at USC, White was involved in a famous Halloween prank where Pete Carroll “threw” him (or a dummy dressed like him) off the roof of a parking structure during practice. Something tells me that Titans’ coach Jeff Fisher would be OK with a repeat performance right about now, except without the whole “using a dummy” part.