Seeking Sox Bar, Boston Fans Steered To Gay Bar

“Red Sox Nation” may be a myth, but there is a Boston bar in just about every city in the country. So with the Sox coming to down, some Boston fans wanted to know where in DC he could find a bar to watch the games with like minded individuals. They made the mistake of asking Nationals fans.

Cowboy Gay Bar

The second mistake was following their advice. Instead of finding himself in the usual faux-Irish tavern that usually serves as a meeting place for Boston expats and bandwagoners, he found himself at “Washington DC’s premiere Gay Country Western nightclub.”

It started when “risoxfan74″ posted on’s Nationals message board:

“Hi Everyone, I’m coming in this week for the Sox series. Are there any decent sportsbars near the ballpark? Thanks again!”

Helpful Washingtonian “PowerBoater69,” who I’d like to extend an honorary SbB editorship, replied:

“There’s only a beer garden next to the park, you’re better off up the street on Capitol Hill, Remingtons (639 Pennsylvania Ave SE) is a NE Patriots bar so they’ll probably have a large Red Sox crowd this week.”

If you haven’t Googled it by now, here’s Remingtons.

“risoxfan74″ thanked him for the advice, then “professorx” chimed in:

I am also coming to the 3 game series for the Sox. I think its great that other cities have bars for Sox/Pats fans. Does the bar you mentioned in Cap. Hill, Remington’s, usually have a good showing of Boston fans? Or is it usually kinda quiet with not that many fans there? Either way I will give it a try since I will be staying in the Cap. Hill area. Thanks for the heads up and good luck to a fun series.

That devil “PowerBoater69″ responded:

I walked by Remingtons yesterday and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many Red Sox fans in one place other than Fenway.

“professorx” again:

Hi everyone and thank you all for the helpful tips. i just wanted to let all Red Sox fans and Nationals fans if they want to join us in some pregaming fun at one of the mentioned bars. My hotel is in the Cap. Hill area so I think i will probably start out at the bar called Remington’s and then see how it is and go from there.

The next day, “professorx” decided to check it out:

You Nationals fans are pretty funny. I went to Remington’s yesterday only to find out that it is a bar only for guys if you catch my drift. I pounded my drink and got out as fast as I could.

As it should be, I’ll give the parting shot to “PowerBoater69:”

The original poster wanted to know of a good bar near the park, I just recommend the place where I thought a Red Sox fan would feel most comfortable.