Sebastian Telfair Thanks To Magic Of YouTube Has New Celtics Promotional Spot Pop Off


• Thanks to the magic that is YouTube, Sebastian Telfair has apparently shot a new promotional spot for the Celtics:

Sebastian Telfair Celtics Promotional Spot YouTube

• Deadspin has the reason sports marketers dream about Michael Jordan:

Michael Jordan Cabo Coeds

He exudes a suave restraint that the conservative class adores (not to mention sweaty, underage girls at a secret spring break shanty in Cabo - watch out for cigar burns!).

• CNBC’s Darren Rovell makes it official: “Freddy Adu Is NOT The Next Big Thing.

Freddy Adu

A little more than two months before his 18th birthday, it’s time to call it as it is. Freddy Adu is not even close to being among the top 100 relevant athletes in the sporting world today.

• The Sports Hernia has the amazing news that despite Yao Ming delivering a bouncing baby boy this week (or was that passing a gallstone?), the Rockets now lead the Utah Jazz 2-0 in the first round of the NBA playoffs:

Yao Ming

• HANSON BROS. GET SCREW IN SPORTS MOVIE TOURNEY: Our Book of Scrap has the brackets up for “The Best Sports Movie Of All-Time” tournament. Most of the results in Round One make perfect sense, except:

Best Sports Movie Of All-Time Our Book Of Scrap

First off, Rocky II is a FIVE SEED? And Slap Shot is a 28-seed?! I hope to hell those accidently got reversed - or somebody was doing four fingers of Cutty (Sark) when they cooked up those brackets.